Terms & Conditions

Sales contracts are subjected to Italian Law. Should the consumer live in another country, the Law in force in that specific country will be applied.
The price of each article is shown in Euro and includes VAT (21%).
Transport costs must be added to the prices of articles shown on the relative cards.
All goods are delivered with an accompanying invoice, which provides a list of all the articles involved and the total amount. Invoices may not be issued after materials have been delivered under any circumstances.
Customers may exercise their right to return goods or reconsider their purchase to the purposes of Legislative Decree 185/1999, by informing us immediately via e-mail and sending us the products they have purchased, which must be perfectly wrapped, within 10 working days from the day they received them. The costs incurred for sending us these products will not be returned.
Once we have ensured that returned products are in perfect order, we will return the amount paid for these within 14 days of the date you sent the package.
To the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, buyers agree that they have carefully read and approve the Sales Conditions provided herein.

Profumeria.com may occasionally process only part of your order in case the items you've purchased should be out of stock.Your cart total amount we'll be recalculated based on the real merchandise we will send you.

Disclaimer: the guarantees provided herein by Profumeria.com S.r.l. exclusively cover the products in our database that are offered under our dominion.

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